What is Singularity University Summit Spain?

Singularity University, the most innovative and forward-looking institution, has chosen to host their SU Summit in Sevilla, Spain one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Join over 600 entrepreneurs, CEOs and researchers from across Europe and the Middle East to learn from Silicon Valley’s top experts and gain insights on how life, society and industries will be disrupted and reshaped through technologies that are in development today.

Singularity University’s core faculty presentations will include:

  • Health and Medicine: Personalized treatment to address the needs of individual patients, fine-tuning drugs, organ regeneration and prosthetics through advancement in 3D printing and specifically targeted remedies.
  • Biotechnology in the XXI Century: The combination of digital devices with genetics to allow bio-innovations in agriculture, energy sources and food tracking.
  • IT and Change Acceleration: Unmanned vehicles, AI-assisted service activities and elimination of the cost of complexity.
  • Robotics and Manufacturing: New organizational models to be expected, digitalization of procedures, reshaping of labor market, extinction of traditional jobs and new areas of wealth creation.
  • Energy: The trillion-dollar market; sources, storage and distribution; their development and influence upon the options that people will enjoy.
  • Security: Digital world, security and terrorism, privacy; everything the world is no longer and will never be again, everything we can expect and we should do in this new context.

And much more…

SU Summit Spain is hosting a groundbreaking international competition aiming to combine adult expertise with youth creativity to solve humanitarian challenges. Learn more here.

1-2 1405€
3 to 5 1264€ 10%
6 to 9 1124€ 20%
10 or more 983€ 30%

VIP Ticket 1901€ includes preferential seating and access to the VIP dinner in the Alcázar Royal Palace.

* VAT not included


Raymond McCauley

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Chair

Daniel Kraft, MD

Medicine & Neuroscience Chair

Salim Ismail

Global Ambassador; Founding Executive Director

Brad Templeton

Networks & Computing Chair

David Roberts

Faculty, Director Graduate Studies Program

Nigel Ackland

Bionic Arm Man

Neil Jacobstein

Co-chair, AI and Robotics

Ramez Naam

Energy & Environmental Systems Faculty

Kathryn Myronuk

Synthesis & Convergence; Finance & Economics Interim Chair

Laila Pawlak

Founder & CEO DARE2, DARE2network & DARE2mansion

Nick Haan

Global Grand Challenges Director

Rob Nail

Associate Founder & CEO

Sharron McPherson

WEDI Founder and Serial Social Impact Entrepreneur

Amin Toufani

Director of Strategy at Singularity University, NASA

Anders Hvid

Singularity University Danish Ambassador and Co-founder and CEO at DARE DISRUPT

Nacho de Pinedo

Founder and CEO of ISDI, Founder and Steering Committee of IMPACT, Internet Mobile Projects Accelerator.


Thursday, March 12

Registration and Breakfast
- Exponential Prometheus. Phenicx Project
- Dr. Emilia Gómez & Sinfonietta de San Francisco de Paula – Archil Pochkhua
- Luis Rey (Local host) and Rob Nail
- Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment. José Sánchez Maldonado
- Secretary of State of Telecommunications. Víctor Calvo-Sotelo Ibáñez-Martín
- Mayor of Sevilla. Juan Ignacio Zoido Álvarez.
Introduction to Exponentials
AI: Applications to SuperIntelligence
Relating to Robots
Networks and Computing Plus Self-Driving Cars
Exponential Impact
Sharron McPherson
Wine Reception

Friday, March 13

Welcome Back
Breakthrough in Digital Biology
The Future of Health and Medicine, Where can Technology Take Us?
The Bionic Effect
Nigel Ackland
Telesurgery: A New Step Ahead
Juan Segura Sampedro and Rosa Jimenez
Digital Manufacturing
Anders Hvid
Exponential Strategy
Amin Toufani
Exponential Energy
VIP Dinner at Royal Palace (Only VIP guests).

Saturday, March 14

Welcome Back
Rob Nail y Salim Ismail
Entrepreneurship and Customer Experiences
Laila Pawlak
Technology Horizons for Solving Humanity's Grand Challenges
Talent in a Hypergrowth Digital Era
Nacho de Pinedo
Disruptive Innovation and Global Impact
Exponential Disruption of Jobs
Kathryn Myronuk
Exponential Organizations
Panel on Spanish innovation: winners of the startup competition
Contest Winners
Synthesis and Covergence
Closing Remarks / Future of SU / GIC
Closing Dinner at the Navigation Pavillion (All attendees).



Sevilla is the capital of Andalusia and the biggest city in the south of Spain, both population wise and economically, with more than 700,000 people in the capital, and over 1.5 million in the province. Sevilla is privileged to have easy access to transportation between other Spanish and European cities, thanks to the high speed trains and international airport.

Main Venue

Teatro de la Maestranza

Located just a few meters from the Guadalquivir River, the Torre del Oro and Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, and right next to the old town and the Cathedral, the Teatro de la Maestranza was opened in 1991 by Queen Sofia. The theatre was then expanded and renovated between 2005 and 2007 and since then, thanks to its location, diversity of programs and quality technical characteristics, has become an important landmark in Spain. The Teatro de la Maestranza has a main hall with capacity for 1,800 people, with locations adapted for people in need of wheelchairs, plus showrooms, conferences and a cultural research center.

Teatro de la Maestranza


954 22 33 44

Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, 22 41001 Sevilla

Ver en mapa

Real Alcázar of Sevilla

The Real Alcázar is one of the oldest palaces in the world that is still in use. It is located in the old city centre, right next to the Cathedral. The Cathedral has been witness to the arrival and departure of many different cultures since the XI century, and that is why the palace and gardens of the real Alcazar remain a mixture of different authentic styles including Islamic, Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, and will host the VIP dinner on the 13th.

Real Alcázar of Sevilla


954 50 23 24

Patio de Banderas, s/n 41004 Sevilla

Ver en mapa

Navigation Pavilion

The Navigation Pavilion was built along the Guadalquivir’s river, location on Cartuja Island, and is home to the Atlantic Navigation Evolution Museum. It also hosts big celebrations due to its large capacity, and the closing dinner will take place at this location on the 14th of March.

Navigation Pavilion


954 04 31 11

Camino de los Descubrimientos, 41092 Sevilla

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A Summit That Will Make a Difference

The design of the future is underway, and needs the cooperation of the young.

In order to extend the inspiring activity at Singularity University to High School students, SU Summit Spain launched an international competition where each member of a winning team and supervising teacher would receive a free ticket for the first two days of the Summit. The projects should be related to one of these three challenges:

  • Resolve a specific problem of your school, neighborhood or the population through the use of technology.
  • Create peace and international understanding through the use of technology.
  • Moving towards peace, coexistence, cooperation and understanding between Israel and Palestine.

These are the selected projects :


An innovative drone fire detector with high autonomy, a prevention system (using neural webs) that also includes an automatic alert system. The financial feasibility study shows a much lower cost than current solutions offered.

Team: Carlos Álvarez, Sofía Squire and Elsa Rosenbaum. Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada (Málaga).


An intelligent calendar. A multiplatform application to help teachers and students in their educational work and learning. It features a scheduler, a system for connecting users and a system of prioritization of activities. The project shows promising financial stability.

Team: Eduardo del Palacio, Luis Galán and María Domínguez. Colegio de San Francisco de Paula (Sevilla).

Education for Peace Foundation.

Aims to contribute to ending social problems through access to education for children in developing countries. They have designed a complex of educational facilities in Africa and seek the support of institutions such as UNESCO and United World Colleges.

Team: Natalia Arganza, Teresa González and Pablo Pérez. Colegio San Fernando (Asturias)

Granny Trip

Holds the prospect of being the first free travel agency aimed at older people, meeting the needs of the aging population through its integration with the use of new technologies. Further boosts tourism in Spain, and aims to expand to other countries.

Team: Montserrat Monje, Maria Eugenia Fernández and Alexander Rodríguez. Colegio de San Francisco de Paula (Sevilla).

Hispa Walk.

Aims to structure sightseeing schedules in the public spaces of Seville, to avoid large crowds that prevent tourists from visiting the city with ease. It takes into account the interests and budgets of visitors, and develops the most appropriate recommendations. It has a platform and a mobile app available from anywhere in the world.

Team: Maite Pérez, Itziar Egaña and Guillermo Rodríguez. Colegio de San Francisco de Paula (Sevilla)


Createch aims to break down barriers between Syrian refugee students and young Turks through a training platform where both groups can learn and instill the values of respect and tolerance.

Team members: Eda Erdogmus, Dogus Mordeniz y Alican Ceviker. The Koc School, (Estambul).


Creative and simple thermal conditioning system without using electricity. To heat and cool a room using solar panels and avoid wasting energy. This is done by an app that they have designed.

Diego Díaz, Sandra García y Nicolás Sánchez. Colegio Aljarafe (Sevilla)


Dynoget facilitates a continuous energy supply with a rechargeable external battery and through three other sources of renewable energy. It is also environmentally friendly.

Arturo Huertos, Ignacio Ballesteros y Alejandra Jordano. Colegio de San Francisco de Paula (Sevilla).


Online platform that is accessible from anywhere in the world that facilitates educational reintegration of hospitalized children. Designed with e-learning tools have the support of teachers, counselors and educators worldwide.

Rodrigo Peña, Javier Riera y Gabriel de Haro. Colegio Internacional SEK Ciudalcampo (Madrid).

MIT Innova

Innovative smart step -led pedestrians with a warning system using infrared signals to make cars aware of pedestrians in order to ensure their safety crossing the street. Sensor sends a signal to GPS system or the vehicle’s Automatic Braking System.

Joseph Louis Williams Cortes, Inés Botella Amaya, Daniel Barrionuevo y Natalia Viedma Bravo,. Colego MIT (Málaga)


Small device that measures blood alcohol level of a driver and has the functionality of an electronic key. It aims to reduce the more than 9,000 accidents that occur each year on the road.

Concepción Gago, Mariano García e Isabel Caro. Colegio de San Francisco de Paula (Sevilla)

Better Together

Collaborative platform for carrying out small projects promoted by citizens devoted to the welfare of others.

Mario Navarro, Jesús López y Beatriz Rodríguez. Colegio Aljarafe (Sevilla)


An app that helps maintain social activity of people over sixty years of age. Keeps track of events and places, and also contains a friend list to allow them to interact with the community.

Alejandro Coronilla, Magdalena Cuervas, Marta San Millán. Colegio Aljarafe (Sevilla)

Green My City

An app showing the plant population of each area of Spain and allows users to claim the parts that are scarce of vegetation in order to fund reforestation. It has a map, a gallery and a section with games for children.

Equipo: Antonio Castro, Rafael Moreira, Carlos Yebra. Colegio Manuel Peleteiro (Santiago de Compostela)

Rain Energy

Rain Energy considers using rainwater to produce energy through a microturbine with direct access to homes. Very low investment cost and there are already companies interested in the idea.

Cristina de la Torre, Federico Ferraro y Celia Morón. Colegio Aljarafe (Sevilla)


An ocular scanner that is based on the specifications of iridology, and is able to provide professional diagnoses of certain diseases of the iris.

Equipo: Ignacio Victoria, Claudia Fernández, Javier Victoria. Colegio Internacional SEK El Castillo (Madrid)

Green My City

Mechanical lift with a hydraulic motor to raise the shopping basket of elderly or disabled people who have difficulty bending down to pick up their purchase.

Equipo: Sara Orois, Ángela Turnes, Luis del Río. Colexio Manuel Peleteiro. (Santiago de Compostela)

Approve it

Approve it is an app specially focused on improving public safety. Based on citizen participation, users can report damage/conflict on the streets so it can be solved as soon as possible.

Equipo: Andrés Ponce, Paula Pérez, María Dugo. Colegio Aljarafe (Sevilla)

Smart Pill

A pill box programmed with an alarm system that organizes and facilitates individuals with their required medication dosage.

Equipo: Fernando Hernández, Pablo Romero, Pablo Sánchez. Colexio Manuel Peleteiro. (Santiago de Compostela)








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